Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The magickal power of colours

Did you know that colours speak volumes about your personality, not only that they have the ability to change your mood,control your appetite and work wonders for your sex drive!!!

RED- A great colour for an energy boost,or if you want stability in your life but avoid if you have high blood pressure

BLUE- A great colour to help you feel calm and relaxed,also can help you eat less as the colour blue turns off your appetite, avoid this colour if you feel depressed or nervous.

GREEN- A excellent colour to help you feel grounded or you want to stop being hyperactive,but avoid if you feel boredom or lethargy.

PINK- Wonderful colour for love or to feel loved,safe and secure, but you should avoid this colour if you feel overwhelmed by people of events.

YELLOW - A great colour for honesty and expressing your true self,to obtain some courage,but avoid if you have some instability in your life.

PURPLE- A very spiritual colour, wear this colour to connect with the Goddess and the God, if you want to feel peaceful on an inner level,but avoid if you are oversensitive.

WHITE- A good colour for purity,good if you want to explore new possibilities,but avoid if you feel lonely.

BLACK- Agreat colour if you want to feel in control, but avoid if you feel depressed or are in self denial.

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