Thursday, 5 March 2009

Ostara (Spring Eqinox) March 21st

Ostara was the norse goddess of spring and this festival is one for planting seeds for thing to come. At this time the maiden goddess opens the doors of spring and mates with the horny god of conceive the child that will be born on the winter soltice,yule, December 21st.
This is the time to begin to put new hopes and dreams into action to make them come to fruition,great time for positive life changes, taking your relationships to a deeper level,moving house,going back to school, college etc, clearing out anything which is no longer needed in your life,anything to do with fertility such as giving birth,children and mothers.
The symbols of Ostara are : Eggs, feathers,spring flowers,seeds,pots of newly planted seeds,rabbits and birds, the Magickal Hare.
The colours for Ostara are: green and yellow,baby pink and light blue and white.

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