Friday, 6 March 2009

The Sabbats- wiccan wheel of the year

Wiccans perform sabbats to celebrate the turning of the seasons, the relationship of our goddess and god and the cycle of life,death and rebirth. Each sabbat marks the events in the earth`s seasonal cycle. there are eight sabbats they are:

SAMHAIN-Festival of the dead-31st October
YULE-Winter Solstice-21st December
IMBOLC-Festival of lights-2nd February
OSTARA-Spring Equinox-21st March
BELTANE- May Day- 1st May
LITHA-Summer Soltice-21st June
LUGHNASADH-1st harvest festival-1st August
MABON-Autumn Equinox-21st September

Yule,Litha,Mabon and Ostara are known as SOLAR FESTIVALS
Samhain,Imbolc,Beltane,and Lughnasadh are known as CELTIC FIRE FESTIVALS

You should strive to keep sabbats to the best of your ability, for not to do so is to lessen your connection with the goddess and the god.


Chelle said...

I love your altar! :)

S said...

Where did you get the stuff for your altar?

Cauldron's Brew said...

I really love your altar. Its not packed like mine. Its nice

Faemore Lorei said...
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Faemore Lorei said...

your altar is truly stunning. i've never seen one quite like it. its the most perfect set up altar i've ever seen, and i've seen many in my time.

might i inquire into where you procured a chalice of that size? i am desirous of procuring one sized just like it (one that can hold an entire bottle of wine, lol).

But every one i've looked at falls shy of that objective. kindly let me know. it would be of great help to my altar, my practice and myself. you may email me at if you don't wish to divulge here. thank you so very much. blessed be! ^_^

whittywiccan said...

all i gotta say is wow, my altar is a long way from this but a lot of it is handmade which makes it more personal.